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 Core Attributes For Player Postions

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PostSubject: Core Attributes For Player Postions   Wed 11 Jan 2012, 17:34

Can also get away with being quick but not necessarily agile. Primarily though, you want good scores for Strength, Jumping, Heading Accuracy, Marking, Standing Tackle and Sliding Tackle.

Should have good scores for Stamina and Marking. It’s also one of two positions in which Acceleration and Sprint Speed are effective without high scores for Balance, Agility or Reactions, as you’ll purely use their pace to recover ground. Dribbling and Crossing are a bonus, but not essential.

Defensive midfielders…
Need Stamina. After that you’re looking for Strength, Marking, Standing Tackle, Interceptions and Short Passing. Aggression may also be useful here, but – since these players are always in the thick of it – you don’t need to worry too much about speed.

Attacking midfielders…
Benefit from good scores in the Long Shots, Vision and Short and Long Passing departments. I like to have a player here that can run with the ball too, as he plays so central, so I search for Dribbling as well as Balance, Ball Control, Agility and Reactions.

Need to be able to beat their markers, accelerate into space and get the ball into the box, so you want Dribbling, Ball Control, Balance, Agility, Reactions, Acceleration, Sprint Speed and Crossing. Stamina and Strength are a huge bonus here.

Are a waste of space without Finishing, in my opinion. It’s the very fist thing I look for when I need a goalscorer, because I really feel like it pays off in game – if you’re only going to get one chance, you want to score with it. I also like them to feel responsive, so I like them to have Acceleration, Sprint Speed, Balance, Agility, Reactions and Ball Control. Attack Positioning, Strength and Stamina really help too.
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Core Attributes For Player Postions
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